FCQNS.Tech Affiliate Multi-Store

FCQNS.Tech Affiliate Multi-Store

If you could get paid in advance monthly, before any of your products or services were sold, would you?  That allowed you to rent your business to other people under their own brand, at no risk to you without licensing, or franchising agreements all while maintaining full control? That increased your distribution in the masses without the associated overhead costs? That gave you all the tools you need to manage your business in store and online in one easy to use dashboard?

Affiliate Multi-Store  is our proprietary web platform that helps interested parties build their own business around your products and services.

Detailed Operations Management & Revenue Reporting with Projections Pro +

Projections Pro + provides real-time operations management and generates a revenue model framework that will help you  better understand your customers, revenue sources and your service values.  Projections Pro + can be exported to csv making it  quickbooks compatible. 


Affiliate Multi-Store POS can be used to power your entire business! Keep your inventory levels perfectly intact online and in store at all times for your customers.

Do you have customers that want to sell your products?

Franchising and license agreements can be hard to agree on! Affiliate Multi-Store provides an online franchising/license model by allowing you to create a network of individually branded web stores. With Affiliate Multi-Store, you can simply rent people their own branded web store! Put your mind at ease and, watch your sales increase all while maintaining full control!


Email Marketing & Customer Follow Up!

Affiliate Multi-Store can be set to automatically send important newsletters, email campaigns and customer follow up emails! Never miss another customer interaction again!