Company History

What We Do

FCQNS.Tech is a technology driven, business consulting firm that assists companies both large and small with the development, and execution of technology driven business models.

Company History

FCQNS.Tech was founded by David Girardi and Ivan Kam of Calgary, Alberta, after successfully working together for three years with David’s previous company. In that time, David and Ivan created a program called “Affiliate Multi-Store”, an online platform that connected brick and mortar businesses with product distributors.

Affiliate Multi-Store was an idea that stemmed after working with a Health and Wellness weight loss clinic in Calgary, Alberta.  After working with this clinic, David came to the realization that for a majority of product based Health and Wellness professionals, the favor is always in the best interest of the distributor. After some discussion with Ivan, we started on the development of a new business model, which turned into an online platform, creating a win, win between the distributors, health professionals and the consumers. We have now adapted the Multi-Store program to work in many industries such as:

Massage therapy
Weight loss
Solar power
Car dealerships
Financial advisory
Print and marketing
Business consulting
and many more.

FCQNS.TECH Inc is now headquartered out of Calgary, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan.